EpicFly: The Dream Stream 02/06/2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Dream Stream 02/06/2010

It is pretty amazing, when the fish in a river, move in to a pre spawn mode. You begin to see the occasional pair of fish cruising through a run and clean patches of rocks concentrated in the tail out of pools. There are rarely any fish on them and it is my belief that the majority of those beds are cleaned under the cover of darkness. In the last three days the dream stream has seen more and more fish move in to there pre spawn secrecy. That would account for the greater number of small, freshly started beds. That would, in some degree, also give an explanation for the fickleness of the larger resident fish. Most of the usual small flies were producing, but most fish were small rainbows. Hatchery fish, that were probably planted last fall in Elevenmile Reservoir. I came across numerous larger fish that were either previously spooked or resting from other events and only caught 2 above average fish over the course of the day. Even with the average fish size being less than I had hoped, it was calm, warmer than usual and I never got charged by a buffalo. I can't wait to get back over there and see what changes have ocured.

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