EpicFly: BWO fishing on the Arkansas

Monday, April 5, 2010

BWO fishing on the Arkansas

Float fishing has become a very productive way to fish the Arkansas River, right now.  Nymphing with BWO nymphs and Caddis Larvae along with streamers that have a presence in the water are good ways to spend the morning.  Depending on the section of river you are at the fish will start rising to a variety of midges, caddis, and Blue Winged Olives between 10:00am and dark.  The key to wade fishing right now is to follow the bugs.  Thats what the fish are doing.  Go find the riffels and fish the pools below them.  Look for fish to be feeding on good seem line's, shelves and in the foam.  I have been seeing large groups of fish feeding under eddy foam piles.  Basically the fish are where they are supposed to be when BWO's and Midges are hatching very well.  

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