EpicFly: Some Arkansas Bugs For Early Spring

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Some Arkansas Bugs For Early Spring

The last couple of days have been interesting on the Arkansas.  There is a wide variety of bug activity along with fluctuating water flows.  The fish seem to be feeding on and off through the day but can be moved with streamers during some of the slower periods.  Fish are starting to spread out in shallower parts of the river and early in the day a lot of nice fish are right under the shade of even smaller bank side boulders.  If you pick up a few rocks in the shallows you will see a mix of BWO's, Midges, Little Yellow Sallies, Yellow Stones, Cranefly Larvae, and caddis all in different stages of there life cycle.  Depending on the time of the day the fish in the Arkansas will eat the most active of these bugs.
I have more of these bugs on the epicfly pictures page.
BWO with developed wing pads

fat caddis larvae with BWO nymph

Little Yellow Sally

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