EpicFly: Float Fishing From Stone Bridge to Salida East.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Float Fishing From Stone Bridge to Salida East.

Today it took a while for the fish to adjust to some extra debris and for the water to warm enough to really get the fish moving.  This was expected with Browns Canyon running the seven miles above Stone Bridge and keeping the river water chilled.  I picked up a new thermometer after breaking another one.  Just another way I can try to put the out of control, unpredictable attitude of nature in to a nice little box.   Caddis are migrating and there are still enough BWO's to get some fish to the surface. On the Arkansas a good way to tell if you should keep changing nymphs or if the fish just aren't consistently feeding is to put on a streamer you have confidence in and start covering water.  If the fish are in a good mood than you will see some sort of interest and if the fish just aren't happy than you will soon know that too.

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