EpicFly: 03/25/10 throwing mice to stocked rainbows

Thursday, March 25, 2010

03/25/10 throwing mice to stocked rainbows

I have had some pretty unbelievable days fishing mice.  The common factors in most of the days I have had success fishing mice would be cloud cover, possible snow, and during the periods when not a lot of large bugs are coming off.  Today there was plenty of cloud cover, possible snow and all around crappy conditions, perfect.  I romped up to a favorite little spot that seems to always provide some kind of action on the mouse.  As I began to throw an 8 wt. loaded with a big mouse pattern rise forms started to appear.  That is kind of a contrast to what I new to do during a good hatch.  No sz 22 midge today.  One fish on the mouse is better than twenty fish on another midge.  Needless to say I did not land a single fish on the mouse.  A few little stocked rainbows had a go at it but couldn't quite get there little mouths open wide enough.  It is interesting how random the mouse can appear to work.

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