EpicFly: 03/30 Float downstream of Salida

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

03/30 Float downstream of Salida

The lower flows we have had on the Arkansas have improved the amount of moss present on the river bottom.  This is great for the bug life but presents another challenge to the fly fisherman.  Especially in the morning, right now, we need to present flies in a manner that will allow the fish to see an obvious difference between the debris and our fly.  This can be achieved many ways.  A favorite of mine is to use a streamer or a bug with a little flash on it and give it some movement.  What you are imitating will dictate how you move it.  If you are fishing a baitfish imitation do your best to make it look like it's injured and scared out of its little fishy mind.  Some common sense and observation of the river life will go a long way.  You probably wouldn't want to fish a midge emerger in the same way you would a streamer.  But then again, there are no definates to this sport.

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