EpicFly: I Can't Get Enough Of This River

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Can't Get Enough Of This River

The Arkansas River is defined with variety. Constantly changing situations always present themselves here. This can be a good and bad thing for the fly fisherman. The Arkansas demands you have an education in aquatic bug life one minute and will prove that trout have an IQ of 6 in the next. The fish are aggressive but, as you could expect the nature of all brown trout to be, they are also spooky. This give and take, in a sense can be good for us. Keeping the discouraged angler from giving up and occasionally bringing an over confident fisher down to the unpredictable reality we face on a river.
Every day has been better than the last, lately, here on the Arkansas. Stoneflies, midge pupa, caddis larvae, attractors and streamers worked very well today. Certain spots are still holding large groups of fish but it is nice to see some of those fish moving around to other areas a little more. I have seen a few pools below large riffles that are absolutely full of millions of migrating cased caddis. We are going to have a killer year for hatches on this river. The Ark as it should be, dry fly, dry fly, dry fly

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