EpicFly: "Turd Rustlers" in Pueblo Reservoir

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Turd Rustlers" in Pueblo Reservoir

After bearing through another morning of single digit weather on the Dream Stream, I knew it was time to pull out the ole' lake boat and head out to the relatively warm waters in Pueblo Reservoir.  My Dad and I decided to really rough it and spend two days in fishing squaller.  After an evening of scenic boating we enjoyed some of the best "local" Italian food I have ever tasted.  To stick with the "Dirt Bag" theme of the trip we spent the rest of the evening happy with each others company and resting comfortably in our hotel room.  Clean and rested we headed to the Reservoir anticipating a day of carp fishing in 70 degree weather.

We found that with the Reservoir filled to the brim fishing most of the shallow water towards the inlet involved weaving through a forest of drown brush and timber.  In the calm of the morning currents had concentrated what must have been miles of bank side drift wood in to half acre piles through out the reservoir.  We made our way as far up the Arkansas River as any boat could possibly go and saw three Bald Eagles along the way.  When the water in the shallows warmed up to about 51 degrees the carp moved in where we could spot them.  Tight casts to spooky fish nosed up to huge brush piles became the order of the day.  After releasing one nice fish the wind picked up and we spent the rest of the day targeting Small Mouth in rocky coves.  It was a fantastic trip, even if we had to "rough it" for a night.

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