EpicFly: The Taylor River 03/17

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Taylor River 03/17

When it comes to fishing the Taylor River I have seen grown men act like children the night before christmas.  The anticipation of what possibilities lie ahead can keep us up the night before.  Counting 15 pound rainbows swimming through my thoughts can be a contrasting sleep aid to the typical sheep that should be guiding my dreams.  When we push up the winding road following the river through Taylor Canyon the conversation is usually shifted to the conditions we face.  It is to cold, hot, sunny, cloudy, clear, muddy are all words I have said if the conditions would merit it. Today it was to sunny.  
This allowed us to easily spot 10-15 pound fish, which is no doubt an advantage.  But the extremely bright conditions forced us to use all manners of stealth we are aware of.  It was a day filled with everything you could expect to see on the Taylor this time of the year from the late morning midge hatch to the lost fish of the day stories.  I will be back soon with an arsenal of sz 26 purple midges that are not tied on brittle hooks.

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  1. Will, we just missed eachother. I was up there with Eric on Saturday. The taylor is fishing so well right now. I was getting them mainly on small pearlish white egg paterns. I too lost th big one of the day. Quite frustrating when you only get to fish it twice a year.