EpicFly: Is There Still A Boat On My Trailer?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Is There Still A Boat On My Trailer?

Fish on the Arkansas, around the Salida and Buena Vista areas, are starting to spread out, over the course of the day, enough to have me float fishing. The Johnson Village and Ruby Mountain boat ramps have put my truck through rallies worthy of Toyota commercials but that has just added to the adventure and memories. Browns and Rainbows, river wide, have been noticeably larger than last fall. Rainbows that, last summer, were barely worthy of a glance have taken on the darker camouflage of the river bottom and put on some size. This is a good era of the Arkansas River. I feel lucky to be able to watch a river, with a little outside help, become a world class fishery.
This is also the first season I have seen multiple sucker fish caught in the upper and lower Arkansas. What does that say about the River? That It is clean and has everything to support the growth of Big sucker munchn' brown trout. Float fishing the Arkansas at night, using an eight weight to throw a sucker fish pike fly to big daddy nocternal brown's will definately be something I try this season. An Arkansas River Bone Fish tournament just might be a real possibility one day if we all just keep on dreaming big. I have a goose turd fly tied just for that occasion.

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